The SOLIANI EMC will be at EMV Düsseldorf 2014 - Soliani EMC

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The SOLIANI EMC will be at EMV Düsseldorf 2014

EMV 2014 is Europe’s leading exhibition for Electromagnetic Compatibility

From 11 — 13 March 2014 in Duesseldorf.

EMC has become an important factor for innovation and social acceptance of new technology. Safety engineering in vehicles, automation technology in industrial environments, information supply — nothing works without electrical signals, electrical currents and electrical voltage. And everything has to operate without influencing each other.

The bi-annual EMV conference reflects these requirements and provides a comprehensive program.

Specialists from all over the world report on the newest products and developments and are available for technical discussions. This is the ideal platform for the dialogue between research, product development and application.

INFO: i.soliani@solianiemc.com

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