Seals EPDM elastomer loaded with conductive filler graphite nickel.

The material is black and is made specifically to give excellent stability and high electromagnetic shielding IP.

The range of effective temperature of the material is -45 to + 150 ° C.

This material offers resistance to nuclear, biological and chemical warfare (NBC).

Usually these products are a problem consider yourself strictly military. However, many times these Seals can be used in the food and pharmaceutical chemistry as well as in others. The machines in these areas must withstand harsh wash-downs, and the materials of which they are manufactured gaskets, must remain functional and can not promote growth or maintenance of chemical or biological agents.

Tests have shown that the mechanical and electrical properties of electrically conductive elastomer gaskets remain well within the 20% of their values operating performance after exposure to chemical agents and decontamination solutions. The only chemical agent to produce a remarkable level of change was the VX (nerve gas). The properties of materials exposed to a decontamination solution are almost identical property values of the control sample not exposed. These data showed that the chemical agents and decontamination solutions have a minimal effect on the functionality of this compound (EPDM).