This is a product realised with the insertion of the filler matrix that has the prerogative of dissipating heat without being electrically conductive but insulating. The product’s filler is made up of parts of boron and alumina and still others. Thermal conduction dissipation is measured in W/m-K.

The Regulation that governs these materials is the MIL I 49456.

The product may have a Shore hardness of A, different so as to guarantee the perfect planarity between surfaces. In this way the best dissipation of heat is obtained.


Wherever heat dissipation is required it will be in consideration of the heat generated by the equipment inside of the containers.

The dissipation to be made use of is for products with varying thicknesses, and parameters from 0.9 to 3.5 W/m-K and for configurations that may have adhesives structured according to their placement.


In sheets of differing thicknesses and forms so as to guarantee application on electronic circuits or on to metal pieces, usually diecast aluminium.