The use of electrically conductive fabric with an electrochemical treatment of pure nickel on all of the fibres is an optimum characteristic for recreating an electrical surface for an electrical control panel that must be protected with paint that is not electrically conductive. This treatment would create an insulated contact surface for the shielded gasket, which must have electrical continuity. Therefore, the recommended action is to proceed as follows.


Define within the electrical control panel in steel or aluminium the parts on the surface where the conductive gaskets are to be installed and their areas of contact. Remove the film from the conductive tape and apply it to the surface that requires shielding.

The locker may in this way be painted. The impenetrable mask protects the conductive self adhesive tape. The conductive tape will stand up to a temperature of 200° C for about 5 minutes. After painting and cooling of the locker, the mask may be removed and the conductive tape will remain fixed in its place.


There are various dimensions available in that tapes are realised upon specific Client request, permitting the protection and the creation of the conductive area useful for conduction between the gasket in compression and the fixed part.