Conductive epoxy adhesive is a two component electrically conductive adhesive comprising of a modified epoxy resin filled with conductive silver or nichel particles. It cures on mixing at room temperature to form an electrically conductive structural adhesive. Once cured it adheres strongly to a wide range of substrates.

SOL-19 Electrically Conductive Epoxies Rev.2


  • Very high bond strength
  • Flexible (the degree of flexibility is variable by adjusting mix ratio)
  • Extremely resistant to fracture
  • Suitable for joining materials with dissimilar thermal coefficients of expansion
  • Room temperature cure
  • Compatible with most common substrates – non tarnishing / discolouring
  • Excellent resistance to ageing
  • Wide service temperature range – retains strength and conductivity at extremes of temperature
  • Stable - low bond (joint) resistance through temperature cycling


  • Structural adhesive – can be used to permanently bond metal assemblies, EMI windows etc
  • Electrical connection of components avoiding the used of mechanical fixings or solder
  • EMI shielding with environmental sealing
  • ESD control/grounding
  • To be used as a solder where heat cannot be tolerated