Soliani EMC carries out measuring tests of electromagnetic fields according to the regulations in force or as per client request. Over the last few years there has always been always greater discussion regarding product quality: above all in the electronics sector, legislation is making great strides, imposing regulations and parameters that are to be respected. While, certainly, it is demanding to put equipment to tests, measurements and verifications (whether they are prototypes or finished examples). It should also be considered that equipment that respects regulations is also more reliable: actually, these measures give certainty to the product specifications and to its operational limits in hostile environments. Although it may seem strange, even domestic environments may be considered hostile: GSM telephones, electric drill motors, refrigerators or grinders, the humidity found in some environments like a kitchen may put an electronic apparatus in serious difficulty if it hasn’t been correctly designed, tested and verified. All the more reason, just imagine what kinds of disturbances electronic equipment may be exposed to in an industrial or automotive environment. Beside the obvious consideration of manufacturing and assembling a product through caring for the quality of the materials and the quality of the manufacture, there are other factors difficult to foresee and quantify: only precise measures, carried out in specific sites with appropriate procedures, can instrumentally verify the durability and compatibility of a product. Generally these measures are designed to ascertain that a device does not emit disturbances into the environment, and in its turn that it is tolerant to specific disturbances: overload and discharges induced in its connection cables, high voltage static currents, radio frequencies irradiated from or inserted into the cables, electromagnetic fields. With specific equipment these disturbances may be generated artificially, while with the measuring devices spurious emissions may be checked. All tests are to be carried out in an environment with known parameters, which must be taken into consideration at the moment that the measurements are made.