The demand for the improvement of access modes to shielded locales has evidenced how the doorway assumes a relevant significance and has contributed to the creation of types responding to different attenuation, of frequency requirements and values, both for magnetic and electromagnetic fields and plane waves.

We can provide lightweight doors in aluminium, steel and iron, as a function of the shielding values. Beginning from this differentiation we can guarantee the following attenuation values:

These doors are distinguished by the following points:

  • type of opening;
  • type of gaskets and fingers installed;
  • by construction;
  • by installation, if they need to be installed on walls in masonry or in metallic panels and shelter structures. These doors have been installed and qualified with electromagnetic tests. The most current doors with shielding values of 60 – 70 dB may even have very simple floor ingresses.


Shielded spaces, military shelters, ships and mobile vehicles.

The shielding characteristics of SOLIANI EMC RF shielded doors are achieved using a double knife edge, matching quadruple beryllium copper finger contact strip. The RF shielded doors are equipped with a unique parallel closing mechanism and patented locking and latching system. All SOLIANI EMC shielded doors are available in manual, semi- and full automatic operation. The standard range of swing and sliding doors consists of many different models and can be designed with a 50mm low threshold. In EMC applications both ferrites and absorbers can be affixed to the door leaf.

Benefits of an unique design

For the swing doors a double pivoting hinge, parallel closing system is used in order to ensure long life time of the double row finger stocks mounted in the doorframe. For service and maintenance the door mechanics can be reached by removing the front cover of the door. Since this is not an essential part of the shielding it facilitates all maintenance work without affecting the shielding performance of the facility.

Manual, semi- and full automatic operation

All the RF shielded doors can be delivered in manual, semi- and full automatic operation. SOLIANI EMC semi- and full automatic RF shielded doors are 100% electrical operated. The benefit of electrical doors is that they are more reliable than pneumatic systems. In case of mains power breakdown, automatic doors can be operated from the internal rechargeable battery system or using a manual handle.

RF shielded door options

The following options are available for all RF shielded door models.
Manual, semi- and full electrical operation

  • Door status switch (inter lock) to connect test room entrance doors with RF amplifier systems
  • Security access system using keycard validation systems. The shielded door can be operated upon validation of the card or any other security checking system connected to the door electronics.
  • Non-conductive (internal) door handle for anechoic chamber applications
  • For high security applications the doors can be equipped with anti-burglary mounting materials
  • Door frame interface for integration with modular pan-type, sandwich or welded shielded enclosures
  • Removable access platform (slope)
  • Full automatic up/down platform for flat (threshold less) entrance.