Описание продукта

Form-in-Place Gasket:
This solution offered has become a part of our operational possibilities when there are requirements made to realise D section gaskets on top of parts so as to recreate electrical continuity and both watertight sealing and electromagnetic interference shielding without the necessity of waiting for the times necessary for the vulcanisation of the silicone.
This layering of silicone, defined by its viscosity and its electrical conductivity, has represented and continues to offer a valid solution for prototype pieces before making moulds. It also has the possibility of offering a solution to shielding strings of conductive silicone directly attached adhesively without any type of gluing onto the surface of the piece whether this latter is metal or plastic. In the case of plastic parts, these have to have been appropriately made electrically conductive through paint coating treatment.
In single tubes with screw on caps so as to be able to be closed and reused later.

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