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Production start-up of shielding coated gaskets with conductive and stable to galvanic corrosion fabrics (for the first time is used only Nickel for the treatment) and the first electrically conductive silicone gaskets according to MIL G 83528, with articles also in Nickel-Graphite and hardness according to customer specification.


Mr. Ivano Soliani founded S.I.R.I. sas. The purpose is to create the first Italian production of articles for the electromagnetic shielding, designed to meet the growing demand on the national market.

The products find immediate employment in the telecommunications sector, by companies such as Telettra, Olivetti, Alenia, GE, Marconi Siemens and Italtel. In a short time also the first supplies in the military field starts ith R.Piaggio, Garofoli, Foker and OtoMelara and collaborations with several laboratories in Italy for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests.


The rapid development of the company allows to obtain NATO recognition, through SIRTI and Aeritalia with the qualification AQAP4.


A supply relationship starts with Swedes, French and Swiss companies also in the medical field. Some specific products are made for the space industry with Oerlikon Contraves and Alenia for the satellite Tetered.


Production start-up of steel honeycomb panels in addition to the aluminum honeycomb.


The use of electrically conductive fabrics for the realization of shielding gaskets pushes the company to invest in a metallization line for polyester fabrics treated with Nickel and other materials. The line is installed at the new manufacturing unit located in Cavallasca (CO).

Customers see, compared to foreign producers, benefits such as:

- Stability of the surface resistivity,

- Strong adhesion of the nickel to the the micro fibers,

- Resistance to abrasion.

The treatment of metallization is also performed on non-woven fabrics.


Start of collaboration for TEMPEST articles and construction of the first shielding room with Soliani fabrics. An acknowledgment for the specificity of the operation is released to S.I.R.I. sas.


The SIRI sas becomes Soliani EMC srl, always in Como, in the new headquarters located in Via Varesina. A new painting system with electrically conductive products is launched.

The possibility of having its own electrically conductive fabrics pushes the company to develop a line of coating reinforced gaskets that are used on switchboards, Schelter, etc ...


Production start-up of electrically conductive silicone extruded profiles and participation in projects of the European Community, under the 6th Framework Programme Lidwine. New applications horizons are opening and international collaborations with Israel, India, Norway and the Netherlands. The projects of Lombardy Region give good visibility and reach always high scores. Projects of Research & Development for excellence in the industrial areas of Lombardy for new materials is then followed by other projects always promoted by the Lombardy Region.


In March 2003, the Soliani EMC reach the ambitious result of its quality management system certification according to international standard ISO 9001.


For innovative proposals in the field of safety at work Soliani the EMC is rewarded within the project Solitech.


The Soliani EMC qualifies in first place within of the regional program DAPHNE with the project entitled "CashFlex - shielding flexible conduit with conductive fabric for signal cables to airborne" with partner AgustaWestland.

With this project a new business in the field of aeronautics starts with supplies for the Airbus A400M, with AERMACCHI for M346 and the Russian company Sukoy for the 100 model. The supply of shielding and stable to environmental corrosion materials, as well as light, opens new avenues.


Collaboration agreement with the company EMBRAER Sao Jose dos Campos in Brazil.

In order to improve the performance of products is realized a laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility pre-compliance testing.


A process designed to pair conductive fabrics with composite parts shifts the activity in the automotive field for the development of the electric car.


The EN 9100 certification "Quality Management Systems - Requirements for aviation, space and defense organizations " is a further recognition for the company and his staff.