Shielded tents manufactured in conductive fabric, mechanically flexible in vibration able to reflect the electromagnetic field internally creating a reverberation effect.The reverberating tent is made up of a curtain in shielding fabric within which a distribution of an electromagnetic field is realised that is statistically isotropic in time and space. The walls are built in conductive flexible metallic fabric mechanically set to vibrate at from 5 to 20 Hz capable of reflecting the electromagnetic field inwards so creating a reverberation effect. The reverberation tent chamber (RTCH) is used for emission and immunity tests and shielding efficiency tests, within the frequency interval from just a few Hz to microwaves. Reverberation chambers are becoming widespread as an alternative to methods such as the “Open Area Test Sites” (OATS), (semi) anechoic chambers or TEM cells in response to an ever-increasing demand for easily realisable, repeatable and economic test procedures. The IEC 61000-4-21:2003 standard recognises the importance of reverberation chambers as an alternative means with the expectation of results of measurements that are more accurate and rigorous than those of traditional methods. The reverberation curtain chamber offers the advantage of being able to realise high ranges with the utilisation of remarkably inferior signals compared to other methods. Modular construction allows the realisation of custom structures according to the demands of the spaces available and/or including the device being tested. The RTCH is provided completely with technical panel and optional filters.