Ultra-mobile security tent.

The ultra-mobile shielded tent is a device able to offer a protection from the electromagnetic interferencee to protect the comunication’s security (COMSEC) and the automatic processing of classified data (EAD).

The product is made with an electrically conductive shielding fabric called “Static Clean” starting by the polyester yarn’s weave in the woof and the cloth, applied by long time on bigger tents.


The tent is made in different dimensions (the example in the picture misures 3 m^2 and it is equiped with:


  • a preassembled structure “2 seconds” easily to fall back in a backpack.
  • the tent with the shielding fabric
  • antistatic tiles easily and fast to fall back
  • 1 line of LED lights


Those carattheristics guarantee to the shielded tent shorts time to open and close it, without tools and extrimely fast “ready to use” (5 minutes max).


To guarantee the usury’s resistance of the floor, we can supply a modular paving made by antistatic tiles with excellent property of abrasion resistance (7mm).

Tiles are made with the same electrical conductive fabric of the other sides of the tent so, it adheres perfectly to the floor.