EMI/EMP metallic mesh tape for cable shielding.

This solution brings with it a valid advantage for cable shielding due to its double action: the first gives curvature flexibility to the surface of the cable and the second for the type of metal wire and for any eventual stratification. It offers optimisation of the shielding parameter value both in frequency and in dB.


We have developed different claddings even for already shielded cables so as to give them increased value when curved; also so as to have operational flexibility or for improving their performance with regard to magnetic fields, or else for cladding simple command cables.

The most noticeable feature is lightness compared with traditional solutions adopted for cable shielding as well as their ease of connection in the terminals with metal connectors.

Besides cladding inserting the cable inside of the tube in formation, it is also possible to uniformly wrap, or tape the exterior of the cable with an end overlapped so as to assure continuity from one end to the other.


Tape lengths with widths according to client requirements and with wiring that displays the shielding characteristics for the frequency range and the attenuation values requested.