A typical performance of these hybrid microwave absorbers (FHY + Ferrite + Dielectric) at near normal incidence shall be as under at different frequencies.

TOTAL PYRAMID: FHY type absorber are pyramidal shaped flexible polyurethane foam based carbon / ferrite powder loaded hybrid absorber which are made for use in EMC test chambers.  These FHY absorbers are to be combined with ferrite tiles to perform at lower frequencies and a low density matching dielectric layer to make hybrid absorber suitable at higher frequencies as well. FHY Absorber is available in three thicknesses viz 30.0cm, 45cm and 60cm thick and termed as FHY-12, FHY-18 and FHY-24 respectively. TRUNCATED: FHY Absorbers are available in truncated version where tips of the pyramidal are removed for saving space in chambers and tip breakage thus making a more rugged product. This is done at the expense of their performance at higher frequencies. Truncated absorbers are available in 30 cm and 45 m thickness and are termed as FHY-12-T and FHY-18-T, respectively.