Shielding with conductive fabric
This type of shielding is offered as a solution for more modest requirements yet is still valid as a response to market demands. In a frequency range from 30 MHz to 5 GHz this solution assures an attenuation of 60 dB with a modest cost for the possibility of utilising the structures of existent walls and to therefore clad them with shielding fabric. All solutions are possible even with complex curved surfaces.

Usually critical points are identified during the room inspection:

Windows, air conditioning system ducts, electrical outlets.

Beginning from these references an economic evaluation is initiated that will quantify the sq metres of fabric required, the stratification necessary to create the shielding effect required within the frequency field considered. The door has simpler characteristics that do not foresee contact fingers, but easily compressible conductive gaskets without the need for enormous forces to open and close the entrances. Eventually the windows, will require frames in electrically conductive materials and screens that are relative to the shielding value needed. Ultimately the honeycomb intakes are fundamental for the passage of air giving the space the properties of a Faraday Cage. A final point is the connections between the electrical power lines and for telephones and data lines.


Rooms for compatibility pre-qualification, applications for data security and prevention environments in the medical field.


Soliani EMC provides the fabric shielding or undertakes all work for environmental shielding. Aesthetic final finish is up to the client.