19mm Retrofit EMI Self-Closing Shielding Wrap is used for reducing the electromagnetic field around the protected item by blocking the field with barriers of conductive or magnetic materials. This is achieved with it’s Tinned Copper & PPS & Aramid Fiber construction.
A protective jacket with a sELF CLOSING EMI shielding cloth that features a elf closing track closure.
  • Jacketing options for a wide range of application requirements
  • Pressure track closure system for a secure seal
  • EMI shielding cloth is lightweight and corrosion resistant


  • Secure pressure track seal with ability to re-enter as needed
  • EMI shielding for protection against EMI, RFI, and EMF
  • Wide range of jacketing options to fit any application or condition


  • Engineered for diameters ranging from 19mm to widers
  • Provides 360-degree protection of components with inner overlap of EMI shielding cloth
  • Pressure track is heat sealed to jacketing for a strong bond