Lightweight, flexible, broadband, Multilayer PU foam based microwave absorber.

  • Fabricated using six layers of carbon impregnated foam.
  • FU-ML is an electrically graded flat PU foam based microwave absorber. – Carbon loaded laminate polyurethane sheets.
  • Can be readily cut on a band saw, with scissors, or a sharp knife.
  • Available in various thicknesses from 18 mm to 120 mm and beyond.
  • FU-ML is not waterproof and will not operate correctly when wet, since there is not washout
  • FU-ML will function as expected after being allowed to dry


Color: As Desired, generally available in blue color.
Dimensions: 60 cm X 60 cm.
Typical Weight of 60 cm X 60 cm X 12 cm sheet: 2.5 kg.
Chemical Composition: Carbon ferrite impregnated polyurethane foam.
Maximum service temperature: 90 degree Centigrade.
Fire Retardency: Passes NRL-8093, USA test 1, 2 & 3 With Zero Halogen Means.
Our foam absorbers are fire retardant with zero halogen means thereby avoid formation of toxic gases like HCl / HBr and poisonous gases like phosgene.
RoHS Compliant.