Shielded gaskets with expanded core clad in conductive alloy wire

Metal elastomer gaskets obtained with the cladding of layers in concentric metallic mesh around an elastomer material that accomplishes the function of elastic recovery after compression. Various sections are available and dimensions upon client request. This type is not suitable for water tight sealing; for this specific application refer to the Twinshield type of gasket. The possibility of combining elastomer and metallic mesh and overlapping layers is very broad and left to the needs of the client.


Gasket for the shielding of electric and magnetic fields where there is no requirement for water tight sealing as well. Elastic recovery is obtained with expanded materials of various types such as Silicone, Neoprene and EPDM. These are recommended for panel systems, electrical control panels, doors, etc., which must be disassembled or opened with a certain frequency, therefore the need for the elastic recovery of the gasket.


In spools or in pieces pre-cut to size, in section and dimension upon client request.