Reflection Loss (dB) of wedge type (FW-SE) at normal incidence is 3 dB to 5 dB down in comparison of our pyramidal microwave absorber (FU-SE).

Reflection Loss (dB) of wedge type  at normal incidence is 3 dB to 5 dB down in comparison of our pyramidal microwave absorber .


Absorber is a complete range of high performance wedge microwave absorbers having approximated same properties at grazing incidences as our FU-SE Series-Pyramidal Microwave Absorbers at near normal incidences. Constructed using low density, flexible foam, impregnated with a carbon black, ferrite formulation to achieve the desired electrical performance. At higher angle of incidences backscatter is significantly reduced. Available in wide range of thickness and absorbencies. Variety of thickness gives the chamber designer the opportunity to choose grades appropriate for specific frequencies and incidence angles.


  • Absorption over a wide frequency range.
  • Long product life.
  • High performance, up to – 45 dB reflection loss at grazing incidences.
  • These absorbers are supplied with a fire retardant finish.
  • RoHS Compliant.


Color: As Desired, generally available in blue color.
Dimensions: 60 cm X 60 cm.
Chemical Composition: Carbon ferrite impregnated polyurethane foam
Maximum service temperature: 90 degree Centigrade
Power handling capacity: 0.5 Watt/Cm2
Fire Retardency: Passes NRL-8093, USA test 1, 2 & 3 With Zero Halogen Means.
Our foam absorbers are fire retardant with zero halogen means thereby avoid formation of toxic gases like HCl / HBr and poisonous gases like phosgene.


Broadband absorbers suitable for in-door measurements.
Used in chamber where it is desirable to have the energy guided into a terminating wall, such as in tapered chambers and in compact ranges designed for RCS measurement.
Used in making Moving screens for hiding the areas of maximum reflections.
Used for obtaining Quiet Zones in very wide frequency range.