Shielded tents realised according to client specifications.

Shielded tents, light and quickly installed so as to be able to be also transported, realised in special metallised fabric, offer environments protected from electromagnetic fields.The supporting structure of the tent is realised in aluminium tubing and may be personalised in its dimensions and accessories. The fabric section is made of pure Nickel conductive fabric and is covered in a Flame Retardant protection. Access areas are realised with a conductive Velcro closure or with magnets and zippers to assure maximum shielding effectiveness in the areas with openings as well.

Quality testing and shielding performance

  • MIL STD 202-204 vibration resistance testing and MIL STD 202-205B Shock resistance
  • Saline Fog MIL 202-101B-Test MIL STD 285 standard IEEE, in the frequency range from 30Mhz to 3 GHz

The average of the shielded value is about 48 dB attenuation, with peaks of 65 dB a 200 MHz and 400 MHz.

Shielding values depend on dimensions and on the type of opening closure requested by the Client.


  • Designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.
  • Completely corrosion resistant.
  • Optimised for EMI and EMC
  • Possibility of the definition of the shielding effectiveness with the client: from 45 dB to 70 dB according to the frequency.
  • Dimensions: At Client request


  • Shielded windows;
  • Technical panels for mesh filters and accessory connections;
  • Honeycomb filters for airflow;
  • Illumination.