Semi Open PU Foam based broadband type embedded pyramidal microwave absorbers.

Specially formulated coatings for better ageing characteristics. Light weight, flexible and easy to cut.
Polyurethane foam sheet dipped in absorbing slurry providing desired electrical grading.
Standard size is 600 mm X 600 mm. Custom tailored sizes can also be supplied.
Thicknesses are 45mm, 35mm, 30mm, 25mm, 15mm, 12.5mm and 10 mm (FAS-45, FAS-35, FAS-30, FAS-25, FAS-15, FAS-12.5 and FAS-10). Larger thickness can be produced to suit low frequency applications.
Colored surface should face the incident radiation.
The back surface (black) should be close to the metallic surface to achieve best performance.
Provides better wider angle performance than multilayer flat absorber.


Used for isolation of adjacent antennas such as parabolic dish and horn antennas and array elements.
Mainly used to line the interior walls of shrouds on antenna dishes in order to suppress.
Side/back lobes in shadow region.
Various camouflaging and interference suppression applications.
Used for Low performance Anechoic Chambers in non critical areas.


Ozone resistant.
RoHS Compliant.
Front Surface Color is Blue.
Regains its absorbing property after drying.