Shielded room with metallic panels Shielding Effectiveness >100dB
These rooms may be realised in different dimensions with very high attenuation values, up to 100 dB in a frequency range from 10 KHz to 18 GHz.

They have very particular specifications and are normally used to certify or qualify electronic products. They are realised in metal panels with interposed shielded gaskets.

Doors projected are also realised with very precise locking mechanisms and the inclusion of metallic fingers and gaskets.

Interconnections are filtered both for the electrical mains lines and for the interconnected parts with equipment, while shielding filters suitable for the required type of signal are used.

Modular structure allows for a remarkable flexibility of construction, permitting the realisation of any technical requirement.


Universities and research institutes, in the field of telecommunications (for research and testing on potentially harmful radiation), hospitals (for laboratories furnished with electronic equipment sensitive to interference), industry (for the calibration of antennae and electronic apparatus, for electronic equipment, high tension cable and transformer testing), in the field of security for protection of data and information as well as many other fields.


Dimensions and technical specifications upon client request. Shielded rooms may be provided with anechoic material installed.