Filtri ottici con rete elettricamente conduttiva inglobata
Glassed areas make up a serious negative point for the guarantee of a shielding value of a room or of any electrical apparatus. So as to be able to close and define the concept of the Faraday Cage with a good compromise between visibility and the shielding value required, shielding windows, which may be of different thicknesses, are made, with standard, tempered glass, in transparent or coloured thermo-plastic material. Enclosed inside of this material there is, with the work of an autoclave, a mesh with an opening grade desired from 80 to 130 mesh, which may be In metallic wire, polyester or polyamide treated with copper or nickel, so as to obtain shielding efficiency.



from small screens for electronic apparatus and large windows in buildings, mobile vehicles with plane or curved geometries.


Shielded glass is provided in the dimensions requested by the Client.