EMI/EMC shielding gaskets in silicone moulded to order
IP 65/66/67 environmental sealing conductive silicone gaskets for electromagnetic shielding
This category of items is in continuous evolution, the raw material from which it is made is the first component that must be analysed in function of its application characteristics in that it must fulfil the compromise between its respondence to the electromagnetic shielding and the mechanically operational purposes required.

The characteristics that define the choice of materials are:

  • IP 65/67 sealing grade;
  • minimum and maximum temperature;
  • type of assembly foreseen; the compressibility of the material and its elastic recovery;
  • the number of pieces to be produced;
  • the consequent choice of tools and equipment;
  • the need for a sample for shielding trials;
  • UL 94 fire resistance.

The may be manufactured in polymer base silicone and fluorosilicone for resistance to oils, gasoline, etc.

Materials according to MIL-G-83528 for use in the military field and industrial use Standards.


Conductive silicone gaskets are utilised so as to obtain the combination of electromagnetic shielding and IP environmental sealing, also in critical situations.

The blends according to MIL-G-83528 are utilised for EMP and Tempest requests.




Flat gaskets cut with a CNC controlled machine according to client design

Gaskets moulded according to client design.