Conductive Non-Woven Gasket for EMI/EMC

Non-woven is a product in rapid evolution, which has already transformed its utilisation, undermining the fabric structure in just a few years. The advantage is clearly its low price, which has allowed the production of disposable products, considering that the fibre and the types of production give an advantage to future applications assuring, besides mechanical resistance, good permeability as well. Currently we can treat non-fabrics like polyamide, polyester and other products classified with different production processes such as spunbond, spunlaced electroless and needle felted.


To give a brief orientation we furnish polyamide with Copper, code PBII-Cu; Copper and Nickel, code PBII-CuNk; and Copper and Tin, code PBII – CuTin; Polyester with nickel only, code N.W.15.NK. We have currently metallised non-woven articles of different base material gram weights, transferring onto them quantities of metal nearly equal to the weight of the original non-fabric.


Environmental shielding, electronic apparatus, shielded gaskets, cable shielding.


Conductive non-fabrics are furnished in rolls or cut to design with and without double sided fixing adhesives.