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100 shielding Faraday cage Solutions made from SOLIANI EMC

The Company Soliani EMC is glad to  say  that after 36 years of activity for suggest shielding FARADAY  Cages we have made a 100 Shielding Tent for Russian Customer .

During this time,  we have sale textile fabrics , gaskets and doors  but at certain  time we have decide to  sale a shielding room according FARADAY LAWS and with all parts  made from our production in accordance with the requirements of each customer as frequency range and dB attenuation   and dimensions .

In many construction as tent or shielding rooms , we have supply different solutions with textile or metal panels , and when we heave decide to start we don’t  have a laboratory  ready to offer our capability to test each solutions but we have ask to different laboratory to evaluate the  quality . But when my soon Alessandro Ing Soliani ( now is the CEO of the SOLIANI EMC ) arrive in our company he decide to invest in a complete range of instruments  and was very hight the investment involved but at this time we have  start to classify all products not only tents or rooms but also gaskets  , windows , honeycomb and more products .



We have use a complete range of our textile electrically conductive with our electrochemical patent process to offer a specific shielding results for the range of frequencies and dB required in a condition to be free to decide metal or textile . .

With this type of textile in an alternative to metal sheet we have offer a very solutions specially for tent . In fact the tent could be  a easy solution  for deployable tent , very light as weight and easy to be reinstalled in short time . Is clear that we have offered not only a tent but in accordance to the specific activity we have suggest a door in aluminium ,or in textile and a range of filters line plus telecommunication filters and more    .

Different are the final customers involved and e cannot say the names but  we have install tent or shielding room  for Bank , Embassy, cyber security room , civil industry , government places and office military  where the qualification was  made in any case with our testing  instruments in Italy and around the world .

Our specific activity was modify step by step  the parts of what was old in the competitor construction and for this we have made

  • New gaskets in alternative to fingers
  • Doors with aluminium and magnetic system to close
  • Doors in textile with manual system ropes  to open and able to guarantee the shielding  results

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